Changing the Narrative 

What we pay attention to grows. Baltimore’s current Narrative is dominated by crime, poverty and violence, which makes them loom larger in our consciousness even than they are in reality. The Love Index is intended to spotlight the love that’s already here so that it will grow in our awareness.

It also focuses on the net effect of all the efforts to improve life in the city: do they add up to more Love or less Love? Which of those efforts most directly increases love? That is how the Government of Bhutan uses its Gross National Happiness Index: to review and reset its priorities.

What is a love index?

A love index is a single number, made up of many more detailed measurements, each with a % weighting based on their perceived impact on Love in the city. 

A love index measures things like... 

  • Care for vulnerable citizens
  • Friendly neighborhood
  • Safety
  • Beauty in surroundings
  • Increasing diversity
  • Strong families
  • Decreasing poverty
  • Lively cultural scene

What we do with this index

After an initial weighting of the above indicators by the audience at Light City, we will develop the indicators further, select the available data to measure each one, and engage diverse input to weight them

Using public media, social media, conversation with City decision-makers and opinion-leaders, we will raise awareness of the Index to spark discussion.

We will use this index to repair Fragmentation by highlighting the initiatives that are doing the most to grow love (surely, the most important of all measures?)  By doing so, we will strengthen the habit of Collaboration.


Fragmentation ⇢ Collaboration