Baltimore's biggest limitation?  Like most cities, we believe it is FRAGMENTATION. Many initiatives to help, not enough connection between them.  Combined impact on life in the city - on the level of Love we experience here - minimized.  We seek to multiply that love by building a network of leaders willing to collaborate. 






Collaborating  is a disposition. A willingness to focus on getting the best result for the citizen rather than having your piece get all the credit. It is hard: rewards - whether in dollars or recognition - seem to favor competition. But we believe that making Collaboration the new habit will multiply the return on all the investments being made in Baltimore. And that it can finally provide long-term sustainable change, beyond the political cycle ofMayors and Commissioners.

How, you may ask?

By building a durable, resilient, resourced

collaborative Leader Network

Made up of Leaders with a disposition to cooperate, who are already invested in the City and growing love in a tangible way. Their place in Baltimore's ecosystem is illustrated below:

Grass Collaborative Leaders Network.jpg
  • Grass Tops have power and resources at their command. 
  • Middle have authority, influence, are trusted by the grassroots and the grasstops, and build bridges between them.
  • Grass Roots live locally in the city and are the ultimate customer for all initiatives. The Collective Leader Network are their 'neighbors with connections.'

How will it work?

The Network will support the Collaborative Leaders to better serve their neighbors by

  • helping them secure funding
  • developing a searchable App so they can find people or things they need to help their project
  • providing shared services: admin support, marketing, accounting, events
  • a facility with shared space and opportunities to build relationships
  • sharing their story, to bring support and build Baltimore's new Narrative 

...and by developing a single Measure of the net effect of all the efforts to improve life here: